Society for Economic and Social Promotion and Development of La Palma - SODEPAL


Business advice

Information on start-up procedures

  • Incorporation procedures:
    • General formalities.
    • Specific formalities.
  • Information on sources of funding.
  • Tax consultancy.
  • Employment consultancy...

Asesoramiento empresarial
Plan de viabilidad empresas

Elaboration of a feasibility plan or business plan.

Information and processing of GRANTS

Subsidies Cabildo Insular de La Palma

  • Start-up grant for business projects.
  • Subsidy for the promotion of recruitment.
  • Others.

Government of the Canary Islands

  1. One-off payment..
  2. Subsidy of promotion of self-employment.
    • Establishment.
    • Financial.
    • Technique.
    • Training.
  3. Subsidy of flat rate extension.
  4. Subsidy for investment projects of small and medium-sized enterprises.
  5. Other...

Información sobre subvenciones

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