Society for Economic and Social Promotion and Development of La Palma - SODEPAL



Last 14th and 15th July, in Los Llanos de Aridane, the II edition of the La Palma Talent Camp took place.

This year's edition featured 25 young people who came up with new business models on the Island.

TALENT CAMP LA PALMA was based on "Learning by Doing" methodologies, in other words, learning by doing, and throughout the event, learning and fun were the predominant notes. Five teams were created, made up of five participants, with multidisciplinary knowledge and experience, who were led by a mentor who was an expert in business consultancy. In this edition, several ambassadors from the previous edition were present.
A series of challenges were launched, related to the opportunities offered by the island of La Palma at the moment, with the aim of each team generating as many creative and innovative business ideas as possible for each challenge.
On the last day, each team presented, in the form of an elevator picth, the best business ideas selected by the team to provide a solution to each of the challenges posed.