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Business and Trade Fair 2024

The "La Palma Business and Trade Fair 2024". is an event promoted by the Cabildo Insular de La Palma, and organised by Sodepal S.A.U. within the framework of the "La Palma es Comercio" project so that small and medium-sized businesses on the island of La Palma can promote themselves by offering seasonal products, publicising their business activity, businesses that liquidate or renew their merchandise, facilitating the reduction of stocks, promoting product rotation, optimising storage and therefore favouring the liquidity of small and medium-sized businesses to face new seasons.

The aim of the event is to enable exhibiting companies and/or traders, whatever their activity, to promote themselves and their business activities. The "La Palma Business and Trade Fair 2024".Like other fairs, it is a marketing instrument that favours and accelerates the sales process as it allows contacts to be established, maximising the number of current and potential clients, and can be considered as a mechanism for participating companies to access a wider public or another sales area of the Island.

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