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C.V. Caños de Fuego

The "Caños de Fuego" Volcanic Caves Interpretation Centre was created as a result of the discovery of a group of volcanic tubes in the area of Las Manchas, from the solidification of the lava from the eruption of the San Juan Volcano in 1949.

It is a centre that aims to disseminate and educate visitors about the geological formations that develop during and after volcanic eruptions and at the same time highlight the environmental importance of the fragility and conservation of the ecosystems surrounding the centre.

The centre has a main exhibition area with visual references to the geological forms of the lava and volcanic tubes, an audiovisual room, guided access to the "Cueva del Vidrio" volcanic tube, a souvenir shop, a panoramic viewpoint at the top of the centre and a cafeteria.

Once you have finished visiting the centre, cross the road and you will find the majestic system of floating walkways that give access to the floating glass viewing platform and the access to the volcanic tube "Cueva de Las Palomas".