Society for Economic and Social Promotion and Development of La Palma - SODEPAL



Business Centre

The Centro Empresarial e Industrial de La Palma (CEIP) is located in the municipality of El Paso and consists of about 15.500m of land.approximately of constructed area. The plot, owned by the Cabildo Insular de La Palma since 2008, is divided into a warehouse area, two floors of offices, smaller premises, as well as car parks, communal and landscaped areas, a facilities and surveillance hut at the main entrance to the centre, a pond that collects rainwater for garden irrigation. It also has three water tanks and pressure groups for the fire-fighting system of the facility.

The Business Centre corresponds to what was originally the premises of the R.J. Reynolds tobacco factory and later Japan Tobacco International (JTI). The Cabildo de La Palma is making investments in the building, to convert the spaces destined for a specific activity, such as the tobacco factory, into independent spaces, equipped with individualised services, to accommodate companies in the spaces of warehouses, offices and premises. All of this to promote the generation of industrial activity through the creation of competitive and attractive industrial infrastructures.

The CEIP is strategically located close to the most populated areas of the island and at a short distance from the port and airport, which makes it an attractive location from a business point of view.

Sodepal is working to coordinate the different areas dependent on the Cabildo to achieve and organise the building within the Cabildo. Likewise, work is being carried out on the needs generated by the Cabildo and which can be accommodated in the facilities, in parallel with the legalisation of the building.

We are the visible face of the CEIP to the citizens who come to us asking for information to settle in the Centre.

With the work team at Sodepal, alliances are being made between projects that have an impact on the dynamisation and enhancement of the building.

The installation is monitored and maintained. 

In the last two years, most of the space in the CEIP's warehouses, offices and premises has been used for everything related to the volcanic emergency experienced on the island (logistics centre for donations, safeguarding the belongings of victims, psychological aid projects for the victims of the Tajogaite volcano, etc.).