Society for Economic and Social Promotion and Development of La Palma - SODEPAL



La Palma Equestrian

The La Palma Equestrian Project aims to encourage the rural sector of the island, as well as the generation of economic activity and the revitalisation of the island's municipalities through the creation of an Island Championship of Horse Racing in a competitive format, which regulates this sporting activity on the island, based on the Guidelines dictated by the Canary Island Equestrian Federation.

The traditional Canarian horse races and Raids are sporting and cultural activities that have been celebrated in the archipelago for several centuries, as can be seen in the different studies carried out by the official chroniclers of the different islands, including La Palma.

Since their beginnings, there have been no known regulations governing them, as they have always been held under an unwritten code that has been handed down from one generation to the next.

Sodepal and the Cabildo Insular de La Palma promote the horse sector on the island, promoting the safety, legality and good practice of these competitions.