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The Cabildo encourages traditional crafts by taking part in the European Craftsmanship Days

Between 2 and 5 April, the Escuela Insular de Artesanía in Villa de Mazo will hold workshops on wicker basketry, ceramics and rosettes.

The Island Council, through Sodepal and La Palma Artesanía, joins the European Crafts Days to promote the traditional crafts and products of the island. Between Tuesday, 2 April and Friday, 5 April, the Island School of Crafts in Villa de Mazo will be holding various workshops.

The CEO of Sodepal, Miriam Perestelo, insists on the importance of making local crafts visible in order to preserve the culture and heritage of La Palma and, above all, "to promote the economic and social development of craftsmen and craftswomen, who watch over our trades and identity".

It is worth remembering that the European Crafts Days is a project promoted by the School of Industrial Organisation (EOI), FUNDESARTE and Oficio y Arte. Its aim is to highlight the diverse Spanish and European crafts, making them more visible.

The workshops

For his part, Pablo Diaz Cobiella, head of the island's handicrafts department, points out that the workshops will take place at the Escuela Insular de Artesanía in Villa de Mazo, dedicated to wicker basketry, ceramics and rosettes. These workshops will allow attendees to learn about and participate in the craft trades, taking home an elaborate detail.

The participants include different educational institutions such as IES Villa de Mazo, IES La Breñas, Institutes of the Comarca Norte and the Garehagua Occupational Centre. The aim is to provide opportunities for different entities to get to know the crafts and the work developed in the project.

The project offers services that can be found on its official website, where visits are coordinated and the logos of Sodepal and the Cabildo are published. In addition, three craft activities are offered for participants of all ages, as well as transport for groups that need it, supporting both artisans and local businesses. The event is promoted through social networks and the authorities are invited to participate if possible.