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Isla Bonita Moda welcomes designer jewellery brand 'Mararte'.

It was founded by the palmero Alejandro Marante.

The quality guarantee seal Isla Bonita Moda, which values the unique essence of the textile and creative sector on the Canary Island of La Palma, welcomes the designer jewellery firm 'Mararte', created by Alejandro Marante Felipe, a resident of the municipality of Puntallana on the island of La Palma. This project is promoted by the Department of Economic Promotion through the public company SODEPAL of the Cabildo de La Palma.

Trained as an environmental and energy engineer, Alejandro Marante began his self-taught research by experimenting with different materials such as leather, almond wood, resins and brass, and it was then that he discovered his passion for the world of jewellery. In 2019, he created his firm and his own workshop in an old fish market in Puntallana, surrounded by fruit trees and with a constant curiosity to learn and create, establishing his identity in designs that fuse a fresh, artisanal and minimalist character, strongly influenced by the island of La Palma.

Mararte' is a firm with a timeless aesthetic that is based on quality and durability as fundamental pillars, in a proposal that is also environmentally conscious, advocates craftsmanship and highlights the importance of local commerce. In this line of action, in 2022 the creator obtains the artisan card. In addition, his creations stand out for the use of natural materials such as ash from the Tajogaite volcano that complement his designs in sterling silver.

In September 2021, days after the start of the volcanic eruption, the brand launched a solidarity initiative to raise funds for the official account of the Cabildo de La Palma for those affected by the situation, for which it made silver pendants with the silhouette of La Palma, donating the entire amount of its profits to the cause. The company managed to sell more than 160 pendants in a few months.

The head of Sodepal, Miriam Perestelo, stresses that the incorporation of the firm 'Mararte' to the Isla Bonita Moda programme highlights the potential of the textile and creative sector on the island of La Palma, specifically enriching the field of signature jewellery by joining consolidated firms such as Atelier El Tesoro, Lepa Punca, Pedro Ferreiro, Sara Luis Joyas and Silvia Baly, which already form part of the large family of brands under the Isla Bonita Moda quality seal.

In addition, Miriam Perestelo highlights the commitment of the seal to the promotion of fashion and handicrafts from La Palma, also allowing the protection of their quality and guaranteeing that the materials used in their production are environmentally friendly.

For his part, Alejandro Marante indicates that "after several years dedicating a residual part of my life to jewellery, which have helped me to learn little by little how to equip a small workshop, these last few months have been very important to improve the management of the brand on a professional level. Achieving stability at work and academic level has allowed me to dedicate much more time to my passion. All this added to the support received by customers at trade fairs and launches in social networks push me to take the decision to professionalize this activity. Isla Bonita Moda is a collaborative space where you can learn infinite aspects about the world of fashion and all that it entails from professionals in the sector. Mararte' is a brand that is born, lives and wants to grow from its island, and therefore belonging to a label that seeks to promote the textile and creative industry in the fashion sector of La Palma is a very important support to this decision".