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Isla Bonita Moda adds the Palma brand "Silvia Baly" to its portfolio of brands.

The label Isla Bonita Moda announces that the jewellery brand Silvia Baly has joined its family of brands, founded by the creator Silvia Teresa Baly Nebki.

The quality guarantee label Isla Bonita Moda, which values the unique essence of the textile and creative sector on the Canary Island of La Palma - promoted by the Department of Economic Promotion through the public company SODEPAL of the Cabildo Insular de La Palma - welcomes the creator Silvia Baly and incorporates her eponymous signature jewellery project 'Silvia Baly' to its portfolio of firms. 

An architect and multidisciplinary craftswoman, Silvia studied jewellery specialisation at the Manolo Blahnik School of Art and at the end of this stage, in 2020, she did an internship at the Tous School of Art and Crafts. 

It is worth highlighting its constant collaborations with the La Palma Artesanía project in the creation of the Arrullo and Jawhara collections between 2018 and 2020, as well as creative synergies with other fashion creators of the Isla Bonita Moda label, such as the firm Diazar (Boheme), the headwear and accessories designer Julia Brito and Las Hilanderas (Manos de Seda) or the designer Pedro Juan (Reinassance).

The CEO of SODEPAL, Miriam Perestelo, highlights the work done by the fashion label to provide coverage for the Island's creative people, enabling the creation of joint synergies between the sector and the public administration.

Miriam Perestelo also points out that the incorporation of the firm Silvia Baly into the Isla Bonita Moda programme highlights the potential of the textile and creative sector on the island of La Palma, specifically enriching the area of designer jewellery by joining consolidated firms such as Atelier El Tesoro, Lepa Punça, Pedro Ferreiro and Sara Luis Joyas.

In her own words, Silvia Baly is "excited to be part of this creative and talented team. Since I started, I have always looked for opportunities to develop my creativity and explore new forms of innovation. That's why I feel so lucky to have found a place like Isla Bonita Moda, where creativity is valued and encouraged in every project, as well as being able to collaborate with my designer friends from Palma with great dedication and professionalism. Every day is an exciting challenge, where imagination and originality combine to give life to pieces that reflect our vision of fashion and the opportunity to cross borders and showcase the talent of the island thanks to this prestigious label".