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The designer Paloma Suárez, part of the Isla Bonita Moda programme, conquers MBFWM with her collection entitled "23".

The fashion show, part of the official calendar of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid catwalk, was held to close the first day, with the support of Isla Bonita Moda and the attendance of many personalities from the current social scene, celebrities and influencers, among others.

The number 23 has been chosen to give name to the new collection of the creative Paloma Suárez. Numbers have a very diverse interpretation for each culture and are a way of defining the vibrations of living beings.

The designer Paloma Suárez, who belongs to the institutional programme Isla Bonita Moda (IBM) managed by the public company Sodepal of the Cabildo Insular de La Palma, has just presented her new AW23-24 collection called "23" at the new edition of MBFWM.

Raquel Díaz, Councillor for Economic Promotion and head of the public company Sodepal, accompanied the designer on this important day along with many personalities from the current social scene, celebrities and influencers, among others.

Díaz emphasised that "Paloma Suárez has once again demonstrated her position as one of the most outstanding national designers in our country", and that she faces "a very special challenge for her, because although in 2015 at the age of 22 she began as a promising young woman in EGO and later paraded in OFF, making the leap as a consolidated brand in 2021, on this occasion in 2023 she achieves her consecration as a brand by parading in the official calendar of MBFWM".

The councillor acknowledged that "it is a source of pride for our island to have a reference of the stature of Paloma Suárez, whom we have supported in the conquest and business development of her firm through the Isla Bonita Moda project".

Faithful to its design philosophy and Slow Fashion concept, the brand's characteristic colours and textures will continue to be the protagonists, reinterpreting once again its own codes. On this occasion, it is worth highlighting the incorporation of new fabrics such as virgin wool, cashmere or houndstooth, fur and vegan leather as well as its recognisable vinyl, tulle and feathers.

The chromatic palette takes on special prominence along with pattern making and tailoring techniques. New proposals of refined lines and new colours broken with black predominate. There will be no lack of craftsmanship to transform them and provide the ideal tandem between tradition, technique and avant-garde.