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La Palma arrives at Madrid Fusión convinced: "We have the products and professionals to be a gastronomic tourism destination".

La Palma has confirmed at Madrid Fusión 2024, a fair held from Monday 29th February until Wednesday 31st February at IFEMA, that it has the products, cuisine and professionals with the talent and training to carve out a niche for itself in national gastronomic tourism.

The defence of the island's confectionery, the wines of La Palma, the tradition of artisan rum and the synergy between a unique sky and top quality gastronomy were some of the highlights of Saborea La Palma, a project managed by the public company Sodepal with the support of the Ministries of Tourism and Agriculture. In addition, talks on La Palma cows, wheat stew, almond sponge cake, black pig's trotter and sweet potato salad were also a highlight of the fair.

The CEO of Sodepal and head of Economic Promotion, Miriam Perestelo, emphasised that "the success achieved by La Palma at Madrid Fusión 2024 is mainly thanks to the work carried out by the professionals who have defended our top quality products", with presentations and tastings "that have been recognised by the attendees", both the general public and the specialists from the primary sector present at Madrid Fusión.

Miriam Perestelo referred in particular to the work of the chefs Juan Carlos Curpa, from the restaurant La Lonja; and Jorge Cruz, from the restaurant El Rincón de Moraga; the bakers and confectioners Rubén and Bryan Medina, from Zulay; Alicia García, president of the El Amund Tasters Association; Emilio Rodríguez, bartender from Destilería Aldea; and the astronomy divulger Antonio González. He also recalled "the more than 40 companies and producers who have been instrumental in promoting La Palma as a gastronomic destination, collaborating with products that have made our island's stand one of the most attractive at Saborea España".

Cheeses, wines, avocados, almonds, bananas, gofio, oil, artisanal beers, rum, honey, sweet potatoes, pastries, black pig's foot... "The primary sector of La Palma has always been a reference", a reality "that has been cultivated from generation to generation and that we must not forget that it is the basis of good gastronomy", said the Minister of Agriculture of the Cabildo of La Palma, Alberto Paz, who warned that "what has been seen of our island in Madrid Fusion, the success achieved, should not surprise us; it is simply the fruit of what we have".

The aim of the island government is to ensure that the potential of La Palma's gastronomy is clearly reflected in the tourism sector. The island's director of tourism, Beatriz Paez, reflected on the "need" to promote La Palma "as a destination with a wide range of attractive alternatives for visitors", among which "gastronomy must play an important role".

With the participation in Madrid Fusión, Saborea La Palma, a project managed by Sodepal with the support of the island's departments of Tourism and Agriculture, is the start of a programme of activities both at a national level and in other European countries that will continue throughout the year.