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The network of Acelera Pyme La Palma offices has provided 275 personalised advice services to companies

This initiative was created to promote the use of technology by SMEs, the self-employed and entrepreneurs.

The Cabildo de La Palma continues with the aim of diversifying the island's economy, which is why, through the Acelera Pymes network of offices, it works with the business sector to promote innovation and the use of technology to increase the island's competitiveness in municipalities of less than 20,000 inhabitants. In eleven months of management, the network has accumulated 275 personalised consultancies.

The Councillor for Digital Transformation, Miriam Perestelo, highlights the importance of this initiative for local development. "The network of Acelera Pymes offices is a vital element to support local small and medium-sized enterprises, facilitating their adaptation to the digital world, which is transcendental nowadays", says Perestelo.

At the request of the companies themselves, the network of offices teaches different skills, such as providing targeted digital marketing solutions, social media strategies, website development and SEO, e-commerce and the search for digitalisation grants. To a lesser extent, advice is given on process management, e-invoicing, customer management and cybersecurity.

Acelera Pyme rural offices are being set up throughout Spain by, a public entity attached to the Ministry for Digital Transformation and Public Administration through the Secretary of State for Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence.

The actions are financed by the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan through the Next Generation EU funds, in the framework of the Digital Spain 2026 agenda and the SME Digitalisation Plan 2021-2025, whose fourth measure of the axis of action, 'Basic digitalisation for SMEs'.

With regard to training activities, a total of 39 collective actions have been carried out, with a cumulative total of 170 entrepreneurs involved, who have been able to learn these concepts that will help them in the world of work.

The calendar of activities, available on the website, not only lists the activities organised by the institution itself, but also all those that lead to the improvement of knowledge, in terms of digitisation and digital transformation of the island's business fabric.

For operational reasons, all those entrepreneurs who wish to be advised, either in a round of visits or in the offices themselves, are asked to contact the offices through the web, either by phone, at the fixed number of the company Sodepal, 922 417 323, or through a message via WhatsApp to the phone number 605 250 684.