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Sodepal succeeds in bringing the Wingfoil Junior World Championship 2023 to the beach of Santa Cruz de La Palma.

The event will be held between 29 June and 2 July, with young people of different nationalities expected to take part.

The public company Sodepal has succeeded in making the beach of Santa Cruz de La Palma the venue for the Wingfoil World Championship, which will be held between 29 June and 2 July as part of the Encuentro del Atlántico project financed by the Economic Promotion Department of the Cabildo de La Palma.

Sodepal has the indispensable collaboration of the city council and the Spanish Kiteboarding Association, which has the exclusive authorisation in Spain for the development of the event, and whose president, Juan Antonio Martín, attended the presentation of the world championship today, accompanied by the island councillor for Economic Promotion, Raquel Díaz; and the mayor of the capital of La Palma, Juanjo Neris.

The championship will be disputed in two modalities: slalom and freestyle surfing, with the participation of young people of different nationalities, who will come to La Palma accompanied by their families. Raquel Díaz stressed the importance of "generating economic activity with the events that Sodepal organises". "We are not a sports company, we are a public company that through its projects, whether sporting or not, achieves economic development and promotion of our territory, being convinced of the potential that each and every one of the municipalities of La Palma have", she said.

Díaz has emphasised the achievement of "bringing the world championship to La Palma. It is a junior event, with young people who are committed to a healthy lifestyle, with families who will accompany them, who will not only consume in our establishments but will also, in many cases, get to know an island they didn't know about".

The mayor of Santa Cruz de La Palma, Juanjo Neris, expressed his satisfaction with the World Wingfoil Championship being held on the beach of Santa Cruz de La Palma, within the framework of the positioning that the city council has designed for the coastline of the capital, while Juan Antonio Martín detailed the technical aspects of the world championship, convinced that it will be a success.

Wingfoil is a growing discipline that consists of moving over the water with the help of a wing (wing) that we handle with our hands, and with a board with a foil at our feet. The great thing about this sport is that it attracts all types of users, both those who know how to sail in the wind and many other users who have never practised any sport in the wind, people of all ages, complexions and knowledge of the sea who are attracted by the sight of seeing someone flying with ease over the sea.