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Sodepal presents the most international and sustainable edition of La Palma Fashion Week

The event will have Raquel Sánchez Silva as ambassador and the international designer Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada as guest designer.

La Palma Fashion Week will reinforce its projection thanks to the alliances established with Televisión Española and the international Fashion Channel.

Tickets to attend La Palma Fashion Week will be on sale through the platform

The president of the Cabildo de La Palma, Mariano H. Zapata and the councillor for Economic Promotion of the Cabildo de La Palma, Raquel Díaz, unveiled this morning the details of the new edition of La Palma Fashion Week, which, more than ever, is committed to taking steps towards sustainability and the internationalisation of the project.

This 2023 edition will take place from 14th to 16th April at the Centro Empresarial e Industrial de La Palma, located in the municipality of El Paso and owned by the Cabildo Insular de La Palma "as it is one of the few venues that has the necessary technical specifications for the development of an event of this magnitude," says Raquel Díaz.

A total of 28 designers will present their collections on the island, of which 16 are from La Palma, 2 from Gran Canaria, 1 from Madeira, 2 from Tenerife and 6, also from La Palma, belong to the La Palma Fashion Talent contest. In addition, the world-famous designer Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada will be on hand to round off this year's edition.

Mariano H. Zapata pointed out that "during these years we have built a solid project, focusing on supporting the commercialisation, professionalisation and promotion of both our designers and our island abroad, thanks to the significant impact that has been generated by the Isla Bonita Moda project through a communication strategy that has received such important support as that of HM Queen Doña Letizia and the most important specialised media in our country", he said during the presentation of the event.

"This new edition of La Palma Fashion Week puts the focus on the talent of our island and the importance of supporting it, but without forgetting that fashion is a key and strategic sector worldwide. That is why the alliances established with Televisión Española and Fashion Channel, the world's leading channel in the broadcasting of fashion weeks, are especially relevant for our island, helping us to export the creations of our designers and our identity through fashion to millions of people".

Raquel Díaz, for her part, stated that "we have been working for months to develop a project that allows us to promote the work of our designers with the aim of making La Palma Fashion Week a recognised and recognisable platform on a national level and with the clear objective of developing its projection on an international level. Despite the youth of the project and the event, which this year celebrates its fourth edition, we have managed to build a solid base that has allowed us to gain the trust of collaborators as well as the support of the media and national platforms, also establishing important synergies with projects on other islands that have been working for almost 30 years to promote the sector".

La Palma Fashion Week will have an important action plan that includes 3 press trips as well as special coverage in specialised media such as Vogue España or Marie Claire, as well as some international media that have already confirmed their presence at the event such as FabUK-Magazine or Herdes, which will echo the set of collections presented, "helping us to position fashion and the landscapes of our island abroad" says Raquel Díaz.

The event will be completed with the presence of the collections of the brands belonging to Isla Bonita Moda in their own space within the project's showroom located in Madrid. In this space, stylists, photographers, specialised press and potential buyers will have direct access to all the proposals, facilitating the brands to make commercial agreements as well as the incorporation of their products in fashion editorials or product placement on television through the profiles of celebrities and trendsetters.

Sustainability and responsible manufacturing will play a fundamental role in the new edition of La Palma Fashion Week, as both the firms participating in the La Palma Fashion Talent competition and those participating in La Palma Fashion Week as consolidated firms, have proposals made, for the most part, using sustainable techniques, local production or ecologically certified materials.

Tickets to attend the event will be on sale at a symbolic price of 5 euros per fashion show block (access to three fashion shows) through the platform .

Presenter Raquel Sánchez Silva, ambassador of La Palma Fashion Week

Raquel Sánchez Silva is one of the best-known television faces in our country. Presenter of programmes such as Maestros de la Costura, she has been directly linked to fashion, supporting the creations of our country's designers in her many appearances, both on television and at events and in the press. The renowned presenter will visit La Palma and present the set of awards as part of the La Palma Fashion Talent project. She will also carry out important work to support and promote the event and the group of companies that are members of Isla Bonita Moda during her stay on our island, together with Roberto Herrera, who will be in charge of presenting the special broadcast of the event on RTVE.

This project is part of the business cooperation programme for accessing the foreign market and attracting investment in the fashion and clothing industry in the Macaronesian region, financed with ERDF funds under the European Commission's Interreg-Mac 2014-2020 programme called Modamac (MAC2/2.3d/271), in which La Palma participates together with Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Madeira, the Azores, Senegal and Cape Verde.