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The locations of the Isla Bonita are the protagonists of the new Sodepal spot for the La Palma Film Commission.

The public company Sodepal, through the La Palma Film Commission, which is financed by the Tourism Department of the Cabildo of La Palma, is releasing a new spot that will allow the audiovisual filming office to showcase the best locations on the island for the production of audiovisual projects, both for promotion in the international markets it attends and in promotional campaigns on social networks and in specialised media.

With this new spot, which will be promoted in different languages, the La Palma Film Commission is renewing the island's image as an audiovisual destination in the international market, showing not only the best locations on La Palma to attract audiovisual productions, but also revealing some of the singularities and scenarios that the Isla Bonita has to host projects of any kind on an international level.

Among the strengths most valued by the sector are the wide variety and contrast of locations on the island, the diversity of infrastructures and landscapes over short distances, pleasant temperatures, connectivity with the outside world, speedy processing of filming permits on the island, the team of professionals from La Palma and the Canary Islands with extensive experience in filming on La Palma and, of course, the best tax deduction system for the audiovisual sector in the world, with a 50%-45% tax deduction on the company tax quota in the case of foreign productions or as a tax credit in the case of national productions and co-productions, complying with the requirements of the production.

A 100% spot made in La Palma, in terms of development, direction, production and editing. All of this with the firm commitment to promote talent from La Palma, highlighting the creativity and ability of local teams to communicate through audiovisual language the suitability of La Palma as a perfect setting for filming of various kinds.

In fact, promotion abroad has been one of the strategic lines on which we have technically focused in 2022. A year marked by the continued presence in international markets and attention to audiovisual projects by the La Palma Film Commission, which has been present at key fairs and events such as Conecta Fiction & Entertainment, Shooting Locations Marketplace and Focus.

The spot is complemented by a new promotional website which has recently been developed by the project and which will help La Palma to strengthen its international positioning as a filming destination for audiovisual productions with local support.

The productive fabric of the audiovisual sector on the island of La Palma is the focus of attention of this new website of the La Palma Film Commission, a website that has an advantageous SEO positioning in the different search platforms, which is an interesting digital display point for any company or professional who wants to be internationally known and offer their services aimed at the audiovisual sector as suppliers to production companies interested in moving to the island with a filming project.

The councillor for Economic Promotion of the Cabildo La Palma and delegate of Sodepal, Raquel Díaz, stresses that La Palma has privileged locations and strengths that add value to our territory as a filming destination. Hence the need to continue to strengthen the positioning of La Palma on an international level, especially at a time like this marked by the interest that the island awakens and the fact that "expectations for 2023 are on the rise".

Díaz also pointed out that both cinema and television are a privileged advertising showcase for a tourist destination like La Palma, which can offer differentiated experiences with high added value, in this case linked to film tourism, taking advantage of the settings recreated by the different productions filmed on the island and linked to enclaves that awaken in the public a special interest in visiting the places where their favourite film, series or documentary has been shot.